perfect red


Hello everyone! I hope its been a great week! This post is about one of my favorite stores, Kate Spade.

Kate Spade is so different from so many stores. The styles, the designs, everything is so colorful and so energenic. As soon you walk to the store, you are atracted to so many different designs of purses, wallets, clothes, and jelewry. Which vary for every season. Kate Spade has some unique, fun and special things, always with many styles for everyone.

I did not plan for this post to be all red but it worked out really well in the end.  I love the four items in red mostlybecause I absolutely love the color of the red. You can wear it with many different colors and it will always stand out. It’s such a big statement that will change your look completely especially for the fall because of cool colors like brown, dark blue, and gray.  I wish I could use this purse but I haven’t because my baby, Olivia, there is not enough space to put all the things that she needs. but if you dont have kids, it’s great! It’s a great size just for your wallet, hand lotion, your phone and glasses maybe even your perfume too!

I haven’t used the wallet yet, but it is really cute.  It might look small because it is a tri-fold wallet and it is perfect because it doesnt take much space. I have another kate spade wallet and it’s yellow.  It’s a different model but the quality is so good I have been using it for a year and it still looks great. I have gotten so many complements for it!

I purchased the red earrings on sale and I wear them almost every day. These red earrings are the perfect size not too big, not too small, but the right size for some one to notice them.  When I was looking for red earrings, I noticed that they have so many colors in this style of earring. I coundn’t find them in red online but I found some blue greenish color and pink which is inked on the bottom of this page.

The iPad case is more of a dark pinkish color, in the photos it looks red but its more of a pink. I coudnt find the same case, but I did find a similar one and another case that I liked on the same website. Please go check out all four things are in sale and maybe you might like something else have an awesome and safe weekend and as always, have fun shopping!!

ipad case/ similar 



wallet /similar


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