Fall eye shadow 🍁

Eye make up

 I normally dont use eye shadow but when I do this is one of my favorite one to wear. I love the colors that this palette has, I use the ones with glitter in the center or inner of the eye and the darker purplish color on the outer corner of the eye. I cant find the same palette but i will link the four colors that are inside.                                                

I have been using the eye cream for four or five months now and I bought it because I have a vein that is right  under my eye and  because of that my eye bags are more noticeable and I look even more tired as if I hadn’t  slept for 2 days straight and especially when you have kids!  this cream helps a lot! You’ll for sure notice the difference, It doesn’t make me look like I just woke up which is a PLUS 😉

For the concealer I use this product from Honest, this was my sisters and I kept it 👍, it comes with two different shades, I use the lighter one under my eyes and the the darker one for when I  break out, you dont have to apply a lot to see a difference.

The mascara is from Covergirl and I can say that is my favorite one, I have been using this one for so long and its just such a good product, my eyelashes will stay up the entire time! 



eye cream 

daylight(mate)/ dirty pink(sheen)similar/ bikini golden(similar shimmer)/couture(intense)similar


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