Favorites of the month!

Hi everybody ! On today’s post I’ll be writing about my favorites of the month. I have five things that I want to show you and tell you why they are my favorites! So let’s get started !

This pallet is from Tarte and I have only use it a couple times now  and I just loved it. I like all the different shades that it has specially the rebel one, that’s the one that I used the most it’s like an orangish red color perfect for this season !! I dont wear eye shadow everyday  but for sure I’ll be showing you a post of this pallet and all it’s colors.

The next favorite of the month is this mirror that saids “she belived she could so she did” I got this as a gift from my sister and it’s the perfect size to carry it in your purse, It has two mirrors and one of them is zoomed in. I carry this in my purse everyday (because it doesn’t hurt to have a mirror all the time 😉) .

Another  favorite of the month is this necklace. I seriously wear it 5 days a week! this necklace its just so simple and cute that you can wear it with any outfit! Ive been wearing this necklace with turtle neck shirts, I prefer to wear it that way but for summer I will definitely be wearing it  with strap dresses.

The fourth  favorite of the month is this facial scrub that exfoliates. I actually have been using this for more than 4 months and I use it only 3 days out of the week and have seen a big difference on my skin! I use because I have dark spots and scars from touching my pimples so this product has help a lot with the darkness and removing my scars! this product has multi-vitamins,no harsh chemicals! which is awesome, you dont need a lot of the product for your face. It is so important to exfoliate every week and removing dead skin from your face, especially when You wear make up every day! You want to make sure that your face is clean by the end of the day. I  have been searching for a good brightening serum, I’ll let you guys know how that goes when I find one.

Last favorite item  is a makeup box. I am so excited to show you guys this bag because you can fit so many things in it! I love that it looks more organized and I can find things faster.  I got this As a Christmas present and never thought about getting a new make up bag UNTIL I got this one 😁It just look so much better and it also comes with a little bag perfect for when you travel ! img_1022img_1015img_0960img_0964img_1079img_1032img_0996img_0969img_0978img_0986




face scrub

makeup bag




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