Neutral make up

Hello everybody and happy saturday!! I have a new post for you guys and its a simple and fast eye shadow look!

For this look I used the palette from Tarte, I showed this palette before in my last favorite of the month post and I wanted to show you some of the different palette colors. The shadows that I use are the charmer, sweetheart, rebel and leader. I used rebel and leader together not a lot though they are very pigmented so for this look specifically I just used a tiny bit! I went for the natural look this time but you can always apply more! I use the charmer to highlight the eyebrow, the sweetheart for the middle of the eye lid, the rebel and the leader on the outside of the eye.

The second thing that I use was the concealer. I always put concealer after I put on the eye shadow because the eye shadow tends to fall to the bottom lid. I have also shown you guys this concealer on my prior post, it has two different shades a darker and lighter one. I use the lighter  color for under the eye and the other one that is a little bit darker I use it for any pimple that I might have. It lasts all day and I just apply this with my finger tips, I think this is the best way to apply this kind of concealer because is thicker than most.

The mascara-I almost never use different kinds of mascara I always use the same brand which is Maybelline and I always go for waterproof because  it holds longer and it sure gives them volume!!

The last step is the eye liner. For this look i used a pen, it’s so much easier to apply and much faster!  I have use it so much lately, I will also link some other eyeliner that I’ve liked!

Hope you guys enjoy reading the new post  and Thanks for stoping by! see you next week !






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