Valentines lip colors

img_2403img_2316img_2443img_2397img_2331img_2422hello and welcome guys !! for this post as you can see I am sharing three lip colors that are perfect for valentines day and for any date. Weather you like to wear something natural and easy or something different than an every day lip color.

This red lipstick  from Smashbox, is the perfect red for any big event or for a especial day. I personally don’t wear red lipstick that often just because I like to go for more of a natural look, but for this post I wanted show you guys red shades for valentines. I had a hard time choosing this red lipstick just because there is so many that I like, It all depends on your skin color. I instantly liked this red color from Smashbox, its just the perfect red, no other color added. I would wear it with a more natural look eye make up because red can be a lot sometimes and for me I think that a bright lip color does it all. I  would wear a simple outfit too just because of the same reason.

The next color is a pink shade and its from Marc Jacobs. This is more like a darker pink rather than a brighter pink, darker shades look better on me thats the reason I chose this one but you can always see whats best for your skin color. I love this one because it keeps your lips moisture and you its rich in color so don’t need to apply a lot, its also a great color for any occasion. I would use this pink shade with a pink blush and not so much of eye make up I like to keep it more of a simple look but either way it would look good 🙂

The last lip color is from Clinique is a darker brown. Very simple for every day and its feels really soft on the lips. I would do any eye make up look with this lip color also any outfit!

thanks for stoping by and hope this gives you inspiration for valentines day! see you guys next week bye.


Marc Jacobs




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