Hello everyone !! I have a new outfit idea for you guys. I love doing this type of post because I have so much fun picking out clothes! so let’s get started to the outfit details!

Im going to start with this floral shirt from  forever 21, Its a very soft and light material. I instantly liked the floral pattern and the colors that it has. You can wear it with almost anything thats why I just had to buy it because it will just be so easy to pair it with jeans or a skirt and it will work with so many colors. I looked all over the website for this shirt but I couldn’t find it. I Got it at the store and I’m really sad I can’t link the exact same shirt for you guys but I will link some other options ;). I bought it about 2 weeks ago so they might still have it in stores!

Next! The black jeans, I got them from H&M. Every time I go to the mall I have to go inside the H&M store, There is so many good deals and not only for women but also for kids. This jeans are skinny regular ankle jeans, I cut the bottom of the jeans because I am so short that I still had to roll them up, but I really like how they turn out and after you cut them when you wash them they look even better.

The sleeveless vest is from Banana Republic. This is the same vest as the one that I’ve talked on another post that’s  called crop jeans  . This vest is sold out but I will link other vest that are similar to this orange brownish  vest. I really like this vest because it can transform your whole outfit. This is an essential vest to have,  it can definitely change anything to more than a casual outfit.

Last item are these heels, aren’t they so cute!! this heels are from Nordstrom rack. the color is kinda brown/orange. They are so comfortable I can for sure walk in them the whole day,  it has a block heel and they are the perfect height! Really good heels, the color is perfect  and I love the details of the straps in the front, really cute!

Hope you guys enjoy reading this post and hopefully I gave you girls some inspiration. have an awesome weekend and thank you for stoping by.


kim Cortezimg_2583img_2548img_2573img_2547img_2592img_2566

top /similar/ similar

jeans/ similar / similar

sleeveless vest/ similar

heels/ similar/ similar


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