Embroidered Maxi Dress


Hello everybody, welcome to another blog post !! I just wanted to start by telling  you guys that  It is so hard for me to find long dresses for my body size, I am so small that 85 % of the dresses that I try are too long for me to wear otherwise I would wear dresses everyday! they are just so easy and comfy! does anyone have the same problem?! Im always looking for a perfect everyday dress and when I saw this dress I tried it right away because I could see that it wasn’t too long and when I tried it on it was the perfect length for me, it goes right to my ankle and accentuate your waist which is even better. I can see my self wearing  this embroidered dress many times  in the summer. This dress has a v neck and that just makes it the perfect dress for a day at the beach. This embroidered dress is really light and very comfortable . The color of the dress is dark blue and I love the embroidered white details that it has. I chose to wear it with my converse because I wanted to look more comfortable and casual  perfect to grab some ice cream or to go for a walk though the beach.

In the links bellow I will be putting a lot of different options for embroidered dresses hopefully you girls find something that you like!

Thanks for stoping by guys, see you next week !!


kim cortez.

Blue maxi Dress

more embroidered similar/  similar

ASOS  dress/ dress



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