White Spring Dress

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Hi and welcome everyone! hope you guys are having an amazing Wednesday! I am so excited to post this cute mini white dress, it’s the perfect dress for spring and  I got it   at forever21, but unfortunately I  cant find it on the website there is a lot of items that  i haven’t been able to find it on their web, but I  found one just like it at old navy !! the size  that I am wearing is medium, my size is Small but when I picked this dress it was with a bunch of other dresses and I couldn’t find this same dress in my size but it end it up working perfectly. I have washed this dress and it looks shorter than when I wore it the first time so it does shrink not a lot but I can see a difference. Love the details that this white dress has, the tiny wholes on the bottom of the dress and on the shoulders and my favorite thing  is the pompons that it has at the top of the dress, love the pompons it just gives it a spring and summery look. As you guys can see this dress is see though  and it didn’t come with anything underneath it  but it wasn’t so hard for me to find something. I actually used two pieces underneath, which is shorts and a tank top. The shorts I got they’re from fashion Q and  they were $4 dollars and a tank top I believe you can find them for less than $6 dollars at H&M.

For my shoes I am wearing Espadrilles from Target, they have them in 3 other colors and they are very comfortable and they run true to size. I love the soft pink in this espadrille sneakers, I feel like this pink color is very on trend right now for spring and I love it, its such a beautiful color that it looks great on every skin color!

Last but not least are the hoop earrings!! I first saw them on another girl (youtube mimi ikonn), she was doing a video and she was wearing gold hoop earrings and since then I have been looking for the perfect size of hoop earrings. I  felt like they were such a cute  accessory for spring and summer especially with dresses. I  bought them at target but I am sure you can find them at so many other stores and for a really good price.

That is it for this week guys, hope you guys enjoyed reading this. Leave some comments bellow and like this post if you guys would like to see more outfits!!

thanks for stoping by,  XO XO😘


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