Disneyland Trip!

IMG_3606IMG_3623IMG_3614IMG_3627IMG_3629IMG_3683IMG_3711IMG_3644IMG_3599IMG_3737IMG_3733IMG_3725This are some of many pictures that I took while we were at Disneyland, hope you guys like them! We first started thinking to go to six flags (I have never been there and watching videos just didn’t help me at all so if you have never been to six flags don’t watch videos) 😉 We left Saturday night and Before we got to the hotel we drove outside of six flags and its crazy the rides are huge!! I just got so nervous I don’t know what happen I just got so scared looking at them so I mentally prepared myself that night to go on the rides the next day  but when we woke up we saw that it was cloudy and immediately we knew that it was going to rain, so we decided to not go because some of the  rides were going to close as soon as it would start to rain, so we packed our things and we left to Disneyland!  But.. before that we stopped by knott Berry Farm and we had so much fun! we both didn’t want to leave  but at the end it was the best decision because it started to rain so much that they did close the rides from knots berrys farm. The next day we spent it at Disneyland! We did stay in one of the Disney hotels so we got to go in an hour early to California adventures and we rode  California screaming twice (of course) within 20 min 😁 That was a lot of fun! Then we just tried to go to as many rides as we could Oh and of course we got to see Mickey which it was really funny because when I stood next to him I was like hi and I didn’t know what to do and Mickey doesnt talk so it was very awkward even more since we were two grown ups with no kids😅 We went really late and there was like a 10 min wait so we definetly got lucky! another one that was really full all day was Peter Pan omg it’s so crazy how we kept checking to see the waiting time and it was always so long  at least an hour wait but I wanted to make it because last time we went to Disney we didn’t make it to Peter Pan, the waiting was long but it was so worth it!! There was one ride that we wanted to try and it was cars we had never been in it and it was good! Oh and the churros were the best 🙌🏻❤️ My favorite rides were Indiana Jones and California Screaming of course!

Well that sums all the good stuff and good time spent at Disneyland I think I ended up writing more than I was going to but Oh well! Hope you guys have a great Thursday and see you soon I have so many good ideas for my blogs so come back for the next post 😊


Kim cortez ❤️


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