Puzzles Time

IMG_3705IMG_4172IMG_4174IMG_4177IMG_4175Hello everybody ! So I just wanted to do a quick little post about this awesome puzzle😍So We got this puzzle at shutterfly and I decided to write about it here because there is always so many sweet offers almost every day on their website where you can get things for free and you only have to pay for shipping! And yes We only had to pay for shipping on this puzzle I also got 100 prints and they are 4×6. I the Shutterfly App on my phone and I get notification every time there is an offer and they have different offers from their website and the app. We had so much fun putting the pieces together but one little side note get a pictures where there is a lot of lines or people because We took forever trying to put the white and black pieces  together so yeah that was a bad idea so get a pictures where there’s a lot of different colors and thats going to make it so much easier to find the correct pieces! we are now looking for a frame so we can hang it up at home and when We do Ill for sure post a picture on my Instagram!

Hope you guys like this post and I had to share this because I love this kind of website and the many offers that they got. I love doing this specially when it’s a photo of my family !

See you guys soon ! Thanks for stopping by!😊



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