Red dress


IMG_2022Dress /dress /dress/dress

Heels/heels /heel


Hi everybody and welcome to a new blog post!! I am so happy to be writing a new post, I havent done one in so long and I was always thinking about it. But we finally got together to take pictures to make this post !

This red dress is from asos, and I decided to post the red dress because 4th of july is so close so what better than to wear something red !! you can also do so much with dresses. You can dress it up like I did with heels or you can also wear it with sandals this dress can go both way and still look beautiful, its very comfortable and the ruffle detail makes it stand out and it’s perfect for any skin color!!

I paired this red dress with a straw hat, I got mine from H&M its perfect for any date or any occasion with family or friends. It change the outfit completely and makes it a more outgoing look and not so formal. There are so many different hats that are fun to wear you can find some hats that have some writing in them or pompoms, different color ones…is definitely a good purchase for this summer!

Last but not least are the heels and I have made a post about them in the past HERE they are very comfortable and a great black piece in your wardrobe and because of the color they will go with everything. This is all for this week guys hope you guys love my blog post because I sure have lots of fun creating them have a great week and an awesome 4th of July !!

until next time!! XOXO -KimC.


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