Flered Jeans

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Sandals/sandals /sandals/ sandals

Welcome to everyone!! last week we went to my sister’s house for a week and we did so many fun things with the kids, we had a great time. I was also excited to go because she is the one that takes pictures of me for my blog or my instagram mostly for my blog. since we did so many fun things last week with the kids I  will be posting them in here, so for next week Ill be posting what we did with the family…hope you guys like!! I love taking pictures of all the kids specially when they all get together, it can be crazy but its so worth it, they have so much fun and they are building memories!!

Im going to start with my sandals today ! my sister got these sandals for me, she got them at dillards they are not available anymore but I did put some similar ones or sandals that I personally like that would go good with this outfit. I have had these sandals maybe a year or a little bit less but I wear them often they are so fun and cute!!

Next are these red jeans, I was going through zara sale and I found them for $35 dollars I was so excited because I saw some similar one on another girl that I follow on instagram which I really love how she dresses. I would wear this jeans with a tighter shirt than what I wore in my pictures just so it can show more of your waist and your figure or you can also wear a simple white shirt and you can just tuck it in your jeans. I love the red color and I also link other colors similar to this flared jeans. when I was looking for this red jeans at zara sale I saw that they were $19 dollars  so definetly check them out!!

Top is from Fashion Q, they do not have a website but I did found a similar one online and I found some really cute ones! I found this tops that are called shoulder tie tops which are so cute they are a little bit more on the higher end but they are so adorable you can wear them with a simple jeans or shorts because the shirt can do so much for the outfit. I have been loving tops with a lot cute details specially this ones that I link under the pictures.

Lastly is the hat, I wrote about it in my last blog. I have been using it overtime we go to the lake or just to the park since its been so hot outside its crazy. check it last seen here !!!

Have an awesome weekend guys see you next week !


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