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Mules / mules /mules

jeans/ jeans / jeans

hello guys ! It is 9 am and Noah is next to me watching paw patrol, I started to do this post two days ago and I dont know why I havent finish  it yet, but today is the day !! I really like this post I felt really comfortable wearing  this outfit So what better than wearing something comfortable and feeling good with what your wearing so hopefully you guys like it as much as I did putting this together!!

Shoes are from Dillards they are on sale for less than $25 !! they have a low heel, they go with so many things and so many colors. This heels are for any occasion you can wear them with jeans and they will give a nice look to your outfit when going out if you don’t feel like wearing a dress which is how I prefer wearing them .

Jeans are from HM and I always try to buy them when they are on sale, I got these for only $20 dollars lately I have been buying all my jeans from HM, I love the quality of the jeans, they are thick and plus the color with the distress at the bottom gives a perfect look for the mules. I link some other jeans from HM they are more than 20 dollars but i think that in-store are cheaper than online at least the ones in sale so definitely check them out specially when on sale!

Top is also from HM I did not found it in the website but I linked 3 similar ones, the fist  one is from HM, really cute and its of shoulder with bow details.  The other 2 links are from madewell one is very similar to the one I am wearing and the other one is a shirt that really like, the red details and the way it fits I have always like the clothes from madewell so effortless and it looks so cute, so check them out, my favorite is the last one #3.

This is all the details for this post hope you guys like!! have an awesome weekend guys!!




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