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Butterfly World


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Happy Saturday everybody !! as you can see we went to butterfly world a few weeks ago and we had a lot of fun especially the kids, they were all together and most of the time they didn’t lisent haha but they had fun!

we first started with a five minute movie about butterfly, I couldn’t watch most of the movie because Olivia started walking and she did not wanted to sit down but this is my second time and what I remember from the first time it shows how the butterfly change and how they travel. After that we went to a room that had a wall with the caterpillar egg were caterpillar change unto a butterfly which is really cool you could still se some butterfly that cant completely fly so they keep them there until their wings are completely strait and not wrinkle. After that we went outside to see all the butterfly s, there were so many butterfly s you cant  see it on the pictures but there were so many and some of them they were big, it was so pretty the only down side was that it was really hot,and  I think that the was one of the reason why it was hard to watch all the kids because it was hot and more stressful. Around this time or September would be perfect where is not so hot. There is also a part inside with different animals and insects like frogs, tarantulas, alligators, and some other sea animals like stingray and a lot of fish Olivia liked this a lot she was looking at all of the fishes with sophia and the boys liked the stingrays. It was really pretty and excited for the kids we enjoy the time being there! That is all guys hope you guys like this ideas to take your kids to places like this !! 

Do you guys have plans for today ? We do !! we are going to a birthday party !! have a great weekend see you next week !!



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