Disney world ! Part 1

IMG_4760WJKH2433IMG_4744IMG_4764IMG_4776IMG_4771IMG_4779IMG_4789IMG_4816TACO4304IMG_4854IMG_4797IMG_4812IMG_4809IMG_4798IMG_4883IMG_4886Hello everybody !! its been so long since I have done a post. we have done so many things this two months its been crazy and so bless to have done all of those things with my family ! I have so many pictures so I will be doing two post for our adventure in florida.

we did a 4 hour plane ride, and we were so  scared for Olivia and noah. It was our first time flying the four of us but they did awesome, they were really good we did bring books and a lots of candy for them we even brought playdoh with us  which noah loved! we also brought the movie  Incredibles and  they loved it, they watched it 2 or 3 times. The next day Olivia and noah woke up around 5 am and they did not want to go back to sleep 😑There is a time change in Arizona  and Florida so that was really hard for all of us. That morning we went to Animal kingdom and the first ride that we decided to go on was a dinosaur ride for noah. He loves dinosaurs and I was so happy that Noah was tall enough to go in!! sadly that ride was a little to scary for him, he didn’t like it as you can see it in the pictures, the ride was really dark it was very similar to Indiana Jones but with dinosaurs.

My favorite part in animal kingdom was the animals, we rode a bus that took us to see so many animals it was really cool, I love the picture of Noah and Jay.  While  olivia was  sleeping, they  were kinda grumpy during the day since they woke up really early and she couldnt take a nap it was hard for them so we decided to leave early so we could all get some rest for the next day but we couldnt leave before going to pandora park, from the movie avatar, jay told me about it a few weeks before leaving to florida we even got the movie! The park was amazing the lands were floating and it looked really beautiful as you can see in the pictures was really cool…

Well thanks for stoping by everyone !! see you next week with more pictures from florida adventures !!


  • kim cortez

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