Disney World! part 2

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Part 2 of Florida !! The next morning it was a little bit harder to wake up, this time we had to wake the kids up but it was a really excited morning (knowing that morning we were  going to magic kingdom!!) We had breakfast and  after that Jay loaded all the suit cases in the car, we had planned to leave  after magic kingdom to grandmas house.

The castle was so beautiful it is much bigger than disneyland. We got there early so the lines were really short which it was so nice! our first ride was winnie the pooh. We only did rides that Olivia and Noah could go in. Later that afternoon we went so see Pluto and Donal we took pictures and Noah was so happy to see them!                                              My  favorite ride was the  big thunder mountain and little mermaid because it was the first time that Noah got to go with us in the big thunder mountain, I was so scared for him but he loved it he was laughing the whole time and when we were done he wanted to go again! and the second ride was the little mermaid because it was my first time riding that ride and it was so cute it explain the movie so good. The wait lines started to get so much longer so we decided to leave and head to grandmas house.

The next day we went to the beach. It was Olivias 1st time being at the beach and she was not scared at all! Noah and I loved to be there too I have so many beautiful memories from when I was a kid that I just love being there and remember those times. Noah will swim every time he has a chance, I think he’s does a great job doing it. The waves were strong because of the hurricane but that didn’t scared them, they just kept running to the ocean. I enjoyed every single minute playing with the kids I feel like they’re growing way too fast!

Noah had so much fun, he had all the attention he kept showing us his tricks in the pool ! we had an awesome time with grandma and grandpa! On the way back the kids did great on the plane, I was so happy that they were doing that good. That is all for our trip to Florida hope you enjoy it 😊

Thanks for stoping by guys! see you next week.





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