Pink sweater

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Hello everybody and welcome !! its been so long, so many things have happened and they’ve happened so fast, christmas and  a new year and new goals how exciting !!

Im going to start from down up.  these lace up sandals are from j crew and since its been really warm here in Arizona  I can still wear them. I dont know about the weather but its been really nice, just  a few days ago we got rain and it finally looks like winter. This are my favorite sandals I wear them with dresses, jeans, shorts, they go with everything, when i bought them they were on sale and they might be sold out but  I’ll  link a similar one, I know madewell had some similar ones.

Jean are from H&M. They fit perfectly they are not stretchy but I like them that way, I prefer thick jeans good material where I know they will last me. I like to wear this jeans with lighter tops instead of dark ones.

Loft is where I got this sweater and honestly its a hate and love relationship with this sweater. I love how comfy this sweater actually is and looks. I love the color its kinda velvety and its just so soft perfect for cold days but there is one thing that make me think twice about it, in some parts the sweater starts to come out, starts to lift up so that makes it  really hard I just wanted you guys to know before buying.

well guys hope you like this post, and happy new years !

see you soon, thanks for stoping by !


Kim Cortez


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