IMG_E7532IMG_7495IMG_7416IMG_7372IMG_E7527IMG_7511IMG_7371IMG_7282IMG_7351IMG_7549IMG_7254IMG_7307IMG_7361IMG_7329KBZQ5311We had a great time at the phoenix zoo I got to go two times and both times we had so much fun, the kids enjoy it both time as well. olivias favorite animal was the tiger, she screamed so loud! it was so funny, she was happy and scared at the same time.  Noah’s favorite animal was the tiger as well 🙂 We also went to see the dinosaurs in the desert and everybody love it. On the way in  they gave a little book to noah with the names and the pictures of the dinosaurs so he was really excited to find them in the book while we were walking, they were real size dinosaurs so as you can imagine really big, I took so many pictures  really cool for the kids to see and its only up to April 30th. Olivia also liked the animals at the farm she loves horses and sheeps. we did pet them and as you can see in the pictures olivia just loved the animals so much, she watches Spirit which is a horse show and she wants everything thats is related to horses and every time she sees a sheep  she screams sheep !! its so cute.

Thank you guys for stopping by see you next time !!



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