IMG_7733IMG_7740IMG_7734IMG_8105 (2)shutterfly

Hello everybody and happy Monday !! today its presidents day and today only shutterfly is giving a puzzle for free, I have the app so it sends me notifications when they are having freebies. I have two puzzles already and both of them I have only payed for shipping which its less than $10 dollars and I believe the price for the puzzle is $30 dollars so its just a really great deal.

This puzzle in  my post is the second one that I have gotten and the first one is  in our living room which you probably have seen on my snapchat stories its so cute  and unique. The size of the puzzle is 10 x 14 inches so its a pretty good size. There is more freebies on the website like a mug, magnets, photo book!! and more !! definitely check it out!

well guys thanks for stoping by, I just wanted to let you guys know about this free puzzle that I like so much. Have a great presidents day !! and hurry this deal is only for today !


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