Similar jeans / jeans /jeans

Similar sandals/ sandals

Hello everybody and welcome !!  I took some of this pictures with out thinking I was going to put them in here but at the end we forgot to take some pictures and we decided to go to the mall so hope you guys like this post !

This glasses I found them that day at the mall and I was looking for some like this ones, I almost never use sunglasses so I never bought them, but this time I had them in my hand and i wanted them they are ovals shape and the colors are brown and black.

I wanted a regular top, a top for an everyday and I went to LOFT by the way loft is one of my favorite stores to buy clothe, because Its just such a good quality I still have a sweater from last year and tops too and the clothe so cute ! so the top, the jeans and sweater are from loft. The top and the sweater are on SALE, the jeans I couldn’t  find them but they are my favorite jeans right now and they are the first jeans that I have bought from loft! I did link some other ones that are very similar.

The sandals are from GAP they were on sale for like less than $10 dollas ! I couldnt find them because they were on clearance but I did  found two sandals very similar to this ones specially on target so check them out.

Well guys this is it! hope you guys like the outfit details and find good deals!

Untill next time! XOXO, Kim Cortez





















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