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Devil bridge hike !



hello everybody !! I am so happy to be back and writing about this hike that I did a few weeks ago . I had so much fun hiking the devils bridge so lets get started !

I want to start by saying that I was really nervous because it was the first hike that I was going to do with out somebody showing me the way, it was me and my friend from chile. We started the hike I want to say around 5 or 6 P.M so it was kinda scary knowing that it could get dark soon but we just kept going !

The beginning of the trail was really easy to do, it was just a straight path no climbing or going down, you  can see it on the two first pictures. I dont know how long it took us to get to the actual sign where we turn to the trail but after that sight it is a little bit more incline but no hard at all. we found a lot of rocks on top of each other forming a pyramid which it was very beautiful and the colors of the mountains every minute getting better and better because of the sunset. you get to a point where you start going more incline walking up to the mountain and its kinda like a stair but little steps so its not hard but it can be dangerous for kids id say younger than 6, But then you get to the top where theres this amazing view before the bridge where its just so stunning and the sun set was amazing, we took so many pictures haha, and then there where two guys walking down and they told us that we still had 10 min up to get to the bridge so we went up before the sun went down and it took us like 3 min haha I  was like that was way shorter than 10 min. the bridge its so cool it was kinda scary just looking at people being there at first but when it was my turn to go on the bridge it wasn’t that scary but again the sunset just made it 100 % way worth it, the view was just amazing you guys! on our way back I fell two times and the first time I  bounce of the floor haha and the second time I fell  because I couldn’t see anything we left too late  and I was walking kinda fast because it was kinda creapy walking in the dark just the two of us no light nothing just the moon so it was crazy. I was so happy when we got to the car and left right away haha, well guys we had a great time hiking this trail, I have wanted to do it for so long and finally did it.

So I am very happy to tell you guys my experience doing this hike and telling you a little bit of this trail. you guys should totally do it, it was just stunning and we went late it was perfect timimng because the weather was totally on our side.

thank you for stoping by guys and hope you guys like it! see you next time, bye !



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