Summer jumpsuit!

YJYQ6754LXGJ3160EPFB9919MQHJ5153KNAI9299Jumpsuit/ similar/ similar

sandals/ similar

Similar hair band/ similar

Similar bag / similar / similar

Hi everyone and welcome!! a lot of things have change in my house and we have also done a lot of fun things this summer  Im trying to catch up a little bit and  I will post about them soon !!

well summer is gone it doesn’t really feel like in Arizona but I hope the weather changes I mean its October and it is still hot. I am very excited for this month and looking forward to all the fun things before halloween !

Lets talk about the outfit detail, this jumpsuit is from forever 21 and it was really affordable, I will try to find it and also link other jumpsuit that I have use and like this summer. I have really like to use jumpsuit this summer its so easy for when Im running late and I can also use it fro fall with a jacket over it great transition jumpsuit for fall, I  can already see it with some uncle boots and a denim jacket.

The bag is from target. I don’t   think it is available anymore but will link some from urban outfitters I saw a lot of this bags in the summer as well and I like this color it goes with everything I love neutrals.

The sandals are from target as well they might be on sale I  bought them a few months  ago, ill link some other similar very pretty that I found in Nordstrom.

Thanks for stoping by you guys it makes me very happy !! see you gys soon !!




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