My essentials 

These are my four make up essentials and I take them EVERYWHERE I go. I started using this foundation a little bit more than a month ago and I LOVE it. It gives you a natural look, isn’t a heavy foundation,  feels really light, has sunscreen which it makes me like it even more AND it lasts 24 hours. The foundation color is 360 N from Lancôme,  it matches my skin perfectly. Since I had never tried 360 N, I decided to head to Macy’s and see what it was all about. They gave me samples of the dual finish as well, which is a multi-tasking powder and foundation all in one. I tried it and I LOVED it. It gave me a great finish, the color I use is 360 honey.

The blush that I’m wearing is Shimmer Mocha Havana from Lancôme. I can also say that I love it. It’s the perfect mix between pink and brown. It’s perfect for my skin color and it would work on every skin type. I wish I would have applied a little bit more because in the pictures you can’t see it too well. This blush is delicate and oil free.

The mascara that I’m wearing is my favorite! It’s the full lash bloom from Covergirl ,I’m wearing very black. I love waterproof mascara because as the day goes on they don’t run. This mascara also instantly gives them volume.

My last essential is the lipstick. I wanted a color that I could use all year round and I found it! The color is Sugared Maple, it’s creamy and light for lips. I don’t use a lot of lipstick but withthis color I use it every time that i go out. This is also from Lancôme.






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