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ipad case/ similar 



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  • Happy Friday!! I wanted to post these two shirts before it gets cold and I won’t get to wear them. I’ve always wanted to find an off the shoulder shirt or dress, it was hard for me to find one because there are just so many different kinds and it’s just so hard to find the right fit. I personally prefer this look with my hair in a bun because it gives you a more simple look. I like the color  and unfortunately they do no longer carry this shirt but i will link similar one below . I’m wearing an XS and it still feels a little big for me, its very comfortable and it looks effortless but very cute at the same time.

  • The second shirt is very different from the first one. I really like this shirt, I have worn it many times and I love the material! It hasn’t faded or changed in size! I’ve washed it many times and its pretty much the same. I can also say that it is very comfortable and they carry this shirt in white and purple.   I like the sleeves in this shirt because  I personally prefer to wear sleeves. This shirt is a high low shirt. The size I’m wearing is XS and it fits perfectly! 

  • I love wearing dark jeans because they just go with anything that you wear, it matches any top. The sandals I got at old navy but you can really get them anywhere. I have seen them in many places. I’m not sure if old navy still carries them but if they don’t I’ll put similar options with similar prices at the bottom of the page.  

  • imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage green shirt/similar 

  •  blue shirt 

  •  jeans 

  • sandals/similar/similar


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