Maxi Dress

SIMILAR DRESS/DRESS/ DRESS/  DRESS CARDIGAN SHOES / SHOES / SHOES  earrings Hello everybody and welcome to my blog !! I first wanted to start by telling you guys who took all of this amazing photos,  her name is sara and this is her Instagram account @cactuslifephoto make sure you guys check her page out now that christmas is…… Continue reading Maxi Dress


Summer jumpsuit!

Jumpsuit/ similar/ similar sandals/ similar Similar hair band/ similar Similar bag / similar / similar Hi everyone and welcome!! a lot of things have change in my house and we have also done a lot of fun things this summer  Im trying to catch up a little bit and  I will post about them soon !!…… Continue reading Summer jumpsuit!

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Devil bridge hike !

  hello everybody !! I am so happy to be back and writing about this hike that I did a few weeks ago . I had so much fun hiking the devils bridge so lets get started ! I want to start by saying that I was really nervous because it was the first hike…… Continue reading Devil bridge hike !


Disney world ! Part 1

Hello everybody !! its been so long since I have done a post. we have done so many things this two months its been crazy and so bless to have done all of those things with my family ! I have so many pictures so I will be doing two post for our adventure in…… Continue reading Disney world ! Part 1



  top  /top /top Mules / mules /mules jeans/ jeans / jeans hello guys ! It is 9 am and Noah is next to me watching paw patrol, I started to do this post two days ago and I dont know why I havent finish  it yet, but today is the day !! I really like this…… Continue reading Stripes


Flered Jeans

Jeans  /jeans /jeans /jeans Top/ top/ top /top/ top Sandals/sandals /sandals/ sandals Welcome to everyone!! last week we went to my sister’s house for a week and we did so many fun things with the kids, we had a great time. I was also excited to go because she is the one that takes pictures…… Continue reading Flered Jeans



HAMMOCK/ MORE/ MORE Welcome to another blog post everyone! this is the second time that I post something about my family and I am very excited to share it with you guys! We went camping the end of June and we left really early on Saturday morning because my parents and other family members were…… Continue reading Camping